Lace Fish Demonstration Project
Lacemakers of Puget Sound owns a have-a-go kit that members may check out for demonstrations to allow visitors to "have-a-go" at lace. It accommodates up to four lacers on one large pillow.
The kit is set up with prickings for a small fish, created essentially by beheading the popular snake bookmark. This makes the project much shorter, encouraging visitors at a demonstration to "have a go" at lace, with the satisfaction of having a completed piece to take with them after a relatively short time.
To accompany the kit, I created a file with the patterns, diagrams, and tips and tools for demonstrators, all printed out and clipped in a 3-ring binder, together with a pouch containing extra thread, bobbins, scissors, and pencils. The file itself could be useful to lacemakers who want a ready-made lesson suitable for their own have-a-go pillow, or for group lessons (for example, for clubs or school groups).
Anyone is welcome to download the file. If you don't have access to the LPS kit, you'll also need, for each student, a pillow, a dozen bobbins, Perle 8 thread (preferably several colors), and pins; the teacher also needs scissors. Builders foam covered with a cloth or pillow slip works for an inexpensive beginner pillow. Pony bead bobbins are cheap and fairly quick to make. Pins with plastic heads are easier for children to handle.
Download the file here: .pdf or .doc